Hand held extruder

Don Baer

Staff member
I order this before my last rip and it showed up while I was gone. It's a SCRIB3d. Hand held extruder, you can adjust the temp from 180-230 degrees and can adjust the extrusion speed also. I got it to do touch up on project but also to use it to fasten together parts that were printed separately. It uses 1.75 mm filament and has a .4mm nozzle. I haven't used it yet on a project.


Darren Wright

Staff member
Kansas City, Missouri
I actually used mine tonight. I stacked two separate files in sketchup and exported it to an stl. I didn't fully check it and the bottom had some voids.
20210518_151704.jpg 20210518_151708.jpg

I used it to fill the voids.

I'm still going to reprint it with a couple of changes, but it's a replacement tray for my truck console for my phone charger.
20210518_152418.jpg 20210518_152432.jpg 20210518_152504.jpg