Handplane my wife bought me

North West Indiana
Last Sunday morning Lou and I went to a swap meet. Kind of like a Flea Market except it accepts animals, guns, and all things in between for sale. I did buy Lou 20 - 10 week old pullets so when I was looking at a plane, she dickered with the guy and bought it for $25.00 (got him down from $40.00). Now, I am not a handplane guy. But I know this is different. Don't know if it is old, but hopefully you people can educate me on this. What is its correct name? Is it a rabbit plane? Did she get as good a bargain as I thought she did?

First picture is of the irons that came with it and its wedge.

Second picture is of the plane upside down.

Third picture is of one of its sides.

Another shot of the irons and the plane.

Plane on end.

Plane and its other side.

So what do you have to say?????????????

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Rob Keeble

GTA Ontario Canada
I would say i would make Lou my business manager and chief haggler with proof like that.
Have no idea how to use that plane but it sure looks cool and must be a collector hope others will chime in on that side. Nice score Jonathan or should we say Lou Ann. :)

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Roger Tulk

St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
The plough plane is used for cutting grooves. I suggest you put it in a special place on your mantel, and cut your grooves with a dado blade or router bit. Much faster and with less profanity. I have a couple of rabbet planes that I use to clean up a rabbet or deepen one slightly. I cut the rabbets on a saw.

glenn bradley

Getting an invalid folder link error when I click on the embedded pics. The thumbnails work fine.


I have posted to the admins about it.
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Brent Dowell

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Yeah, Something went wrong with the first set of pictures on Johns post.

Take a look at the second set of pictures in Johns post.