Happy 100th

Darren Wright

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Kansas City, Missouri
I doubt I’ll make 100 years, but he sure has made me realize I need to plan for it, even if I still don’t, as my wife could. My wife’s grandfather, Leroy, turned 100 today. We’ve had family and friends stopping by for a few days now.

Leroy grew up during the great depression, rode the rails during his teens, and served in WWII on the USS Midas as a diesel mechanic. Even did repair on the USS Missouri during the war.

I think he had a good time today with all his kids, grandkids, great grandkids, and even his great-great grandkids this week.

I stopped in town for ice and bought a few barley pops. When I got back I asked if he wanted one, he said “yes, I think I deserve one today”. :)


Bill Satko

Methow Valley
I would never guess he was 100 years old from his photo. It would be interesting to talk with him. I believe his generation was one of the greatest in our country's history. My wife's mother and father were of the same generation. They also served in the military during the war which is where they met. Both were sergeants, but she was the top sergeant in the family. He was the sweetest man and passed away first on his 92 birthday. She lived until 99 and had one of the sharpest minds. I remember talking with her and asking her, not about the monumental things about her early life, but the everyday items of life then. Things that she remembered but that didn't come up in conversation as they were just details of life back then that didn't seem important enough to mention. I wish I would have recorded the conversation.
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Chuck Ellis

Tellico Plains, Tennessee
I just hope I look that good when I reach 100.... my family has lots of longevity.. a couple of uncles mad mid to early 90's, one aunt made 102 and another made 103.... I'm shooting for 109.... don't ask why, just a number I picked years ago... only have 29 more to go.

Happy Birthday for Leroy and wishing him more to come.
North West Indiana
I won't look that good if I hit a 100, cause I don't look that good at 59!! Leroy, thank you for your service, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! You keep Darren on the straight and narrow now! Love hearing about your farm and would like to hear more about what you raised on it over the years.