Happy Birthday Karl Laustrup

Vaughn McMillan

Staff member
Been away from the computer again, so I missed this one completely. Sorry the cake is late, Karl...I got hungry and might have stolen a little piece. :D


Karl Laustrup

Wisconsin Dells, WI
Thanks to all for taking the time to wish me a Happy B-Day. :wave:

It was a quiet day as LOML was on the road heading for Vegas for a conference with our youngest son.

At least the weather is starting to turn. 38º Friday. 43º Saturday. 49º Sunday and today we are supposed to break 50º.

Good thing too, as I have to get the rafters in the garage cleared out. Reason? Getting a new roof for the garage. Not just shingles. A whole new roof. Old roof was just rafters and after almost 20 years the roof is beginning to sag and it also needs new shingles. Having a new trussed roof put up with the front going from a gable end to a hip roof to match the house.

In addition we are having a new deck put on. Current deck is doing some weird things which would take up too much time to describe here. As part of the new deck we are having the house roof extended to cover the new deck. No more not being able to sit out there until late afternoon. No more having to shovel the deck in the winter. And we will be able to sit out there even if it's raining.

Also, getting a new Weber Summit BBQ to go on the deck. That has presented some interesting problems with the deck having a roof. I think we've solved that problem with a commercial type vent hood which should vent any and all smoke generated by the BBQ.

I'll keep you all posted with pictures of before and after.

Sorry I haven't been around lately, but I've been having some mild medical problems and with the cold winter we've had again this year, it's been impossible to work in the shop.

Thanks again.