Happy Thanksgiving!

allen levine

new york city burbs
Happy thanksgiving to everyone
Since I'm not flying right now me and elen had to be in Nashville for wedding last saturday
My grandson daughter and son in law all got covid over the past 2 weeks ago so we didn't have to babysit and decided to stay down south this week in Cherokee nc
Tonight on our way home made it up to Winchester virginia
Ok the reason for mentioning all this
First time in 42 years elen isn't hosting or contributing to dinner this evening
And to make things worse nothing except Cracker Barrel was open to ear here but the lines were over 2 hour wait
Only other option was Mickey dees
They were t do the still open and that. Was our thanksgiving dinner
Quarter pounder and big mac
Really sucks but we are still 6 hours or so away from home
I can't do the all day marathon drives like I used to

Hope everyone enjoyed the turkey and trimmings

Chuck Ellis

Tellico Plains, Tennessee
Happy Thanksgiving to all and hope everyone had plenty to eat....

Didn't do traditional thanksgiving here either... my son came over from GA and took me to lunch at local grill... brought an order back for Dianne as she wasn't feeling up to getting out... she's fighting a sinus infection and feels terrible, She insisted I go and spend some time with son and daughter in law...
Today we were just the two of us, so I got down the instapot and made a Moroccan chicken dish we both like real well.... chicken thighs, chick peas & pearl couscus with cranberries.... recipe called for either cherries or apricots, but we were out, so cranberries worked.

Then watched the Vikings & Patriots game.. well, most of it, think I slept through the 3rd inning, but got to see the Vikings win.... kinda partial to them anyway.... back in mid '60s my cousin was a fullback with them for one season, then played mostly in minor leagues for a few years before he hung up his cleats.
He's from August of 42 to Sept of 41 younger than me, but was always way bigger... he and his dad used to load cattle with two axe handles... they would just pick them up and set them in the trailers.... I spent a lot of nights at his house when we were younger...