hello from Florida

Keith Thomas

Hello all. I became a member because I need help with a problem. I hope none of you mind but i couldn't find what I needed in the net so I looked for a forum. But I do want to get back into woodworking again so I hope I'll have reason to stick around.
I'll ask the question tomorrow when I can take some pictures.
I have done a little wood working in the past. I'm ok at it. Mostly cabinets and some built in entertainment centers. I used to have a lot more tools but now I just have a 3hp jet xacta saw and a router table and a few odds and ends. I have not built anything in years. I did a warm up project as i try to get ready to build a maple vanity and some other cabinets for a master bathroom remodel. it came out except for one problem but more on that tomorrow. Looks like a nice forum. I have just started reading your posts earlier today and it really made me miss the sawdust. Cant wait to show you my recent project. Its nothing fancy.