Hello from Fontana, California

Stephen Ondich

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Fontana, CA
Hello All,

I've been in the wholesale wood business for years but only recently bought a Harbor Freight lathe to do some turning with my 12 year old daughter.

Basically, I get really cool wood scraps but don't have the woodworking chops to deserve them...but I'm trying! Look forward to participating here.

Sadie and I (with Comet) in Maine last week


Steve, as others have said, welcome to the family! Look forward to seeing the scraps you can source as well as the projects you guys create. Turning is so visual and provides instant gratification.
Welcome,now that you found us, and it looks like you like to travel. stop by for a cup of coffee at most any of us. we have got a woodworking family here. and we meet up at different times and places.