Hello from NW Arkansas

Brian Timmons

I found this sight a couple of days ago. I live in NW Arkansas. I'm 45 abd I got into woodworking in 7th grade when I took shop class. I didn't do any woodworking for a long time, but got back into it a couple of years ago. I enjoy it and I have become pretty good at making saw dust. I have a small shop only 10'x12', and I'm a bit of a tool hoarder. I enjoy finding, collecting and using tools. I'm hoping to develop and improve my skills. There is a lot of great information here and a lot of cool project ideas.
Hello and welcome Brian. I am assuming by "collecting and using tools", you are referring to hand tools as how many table saws, band saws, etc can you fit into a 10x12 space. I would be interested in seeing how you manage your woodworking in a small space, as I am currently downsizing temporarily into a similar sized space. Again, welcome!
Welcome Brian, glad you found us, lots of great folks here and talent from beginner to pro, bet you will fit right in, we love pictures of projects and like Bill, would love to see your shop, we all learn from seeing them, again, welcome to the family 👋
Welcome a "board" Brian. You have found the best woodworking forum if you ask me. Join in, share (as has been stated, we do love to see pictures) and don't be afraid to ask or participate.
Welcome aboard Brian. NW AR is a nice spot, and pretty close to some GREAT old tool hunting grounds! Hope your move and tool packing/unpacking goes smoothly, it's such a project!
Welcome Brian, I started my wood working in a 9 x 10 garden shed in my back yard in Humble, Tx.... I had a full sized lathe, two scroll saws, a table saw, a 9" band saw, drill press, my work bench, plus my garden tools, lawnmower and what ever else I could cram in there... to use the table saw I had to move it outside into the yard, the lathe was on wheels so I could take it out, had to move the lawmower outside, if I needed to change my mind, in order to have room to do so, I had to go outside... had a lot of fun and made a lot of pens.... after moving to TN, I now have a 12 x 24 shop with all those tools plus chain saws, a 14" band saw, three work benches, a work bench mounted belt sander, a slow speed grinder to sharpen, a high speed grinder, two racks for wood storage, a compressor, dust collection is in separate closet that looks more like an outhouse attached to one end of the shop, my chop saw, planer, jointer, router table and an upside down saber saw from Rockler (I regret spending money for as I rarely use it) plus anything else I think I might use... small shops work fine, depending on how they are organized...

You are gonna have lots of fun.... as I often tell customers, wood turning is the most fun you can have with all your clothes on.