(Help Request) Restoration Issue: Richard Wilcox Wood Vise

Jordan Quist

Kaysville, Utah
Hey there, first time poster.

I am in the process of restoring a Wood Vise from Richard Wilcox. The vise itself is really clever in its quick-release mechanism. Sadly, it is not working. Which is really unfortunate as I ran into this snag after I installed it into my workbench.

Can you say over excited without testing first and cutting out a large chunk out of hard maple? Yeah, I can.

The Issue

When trying to tighten the vise, it begins to do so but then the mechanism slips out, along with all clamping pressure. I have tried to do my due diligence; finding the patent to make sure I was putting things together correctly, as well others who restored one of their own.

After back-and-forth with their help we have narrowed it down to two issues:

Issue One: The rod (which the mechanism’s half-nut goes against) bends. I have tried different rods with no success, so have now ordered a really hard steel rod with no chance of bending. Hopefully this will solve the problem, but I’m afraid the second problem is the real culprit.

Issue Two: The half-nut threads are worn down and rounded off too much.

My Questions/Requests

Question One: Are these two the actual problem or do you see something else?

Question Two: If it is the half-nut threads do you have any suggestions on where I might find a replacement (looking online provided no hits. Or perhaps a resource to have one fabricated which does not cost as much as a new vise.

The Evidence

- Pictures (my vise and parts)
- Video (me turning the vise and the mechanism slipping)
- Patent

Posts/Videos from others restoring their Richard Wilcox Vise:

- Video Showing How It Should Work
- Post (with pictures of correct setup)

Sorry for the long post, hope someone out there can help.

Thanks for your time,

- Jordan
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dont have one like yours i have a old jorgy and the half nut gave me fits the old one didnt look to be worn as much as your is. but it acted just like yours does just about get snug and it let loose.. my halfnut was a separate piece and brass. replaced it and it worked fine.
Ran across a similar discussion on another forum. One of the proposed solutions was to cut a piece of aluminum can and use the metal to overlay the half nut threads and have the screw press form them into the groves...supposedly to thicken them enough to get a better grip. Worth a try.