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** Please see rules below before posting here...Thanks**

Here at Family Woodworking, we like to keep things in the family and community when possible. Most everyone has some Holiday shopping to do and wants to find something different or unique to send to their family and friends that they may not already have.

We are starting this holiday shopping thread for members to post a link to their online store (be it their own site, ebay, etsy, or etc...).

To keep the list easy to browse and links current, we're imposing a few rules regarding posting to the thread.

The rules are:

1. Each member that wants to participate should only post once.

2. The member should update their post if the content or links change, and should delete their post if their items are no longer for sale. If you've deleted your post, start another if you have more product to sell later, just don't have more than one at a time.

3. The title of your post should list some categories of what you are selling (bowls, pens, furniture, etc...). This will make it easier to browse the items for sale.

4. Items for sale has to be handcrafted by the poster or a member of their family. Tools and accessories would be OK, but should be for new items, used tools and accessories should be posted in their own thread in the Classified Ads section of the forum. Discounts for family members are also welcome.

5. Questions and comments should be PM'd to the post owner, not in this thread. Questions and comments will be deleted from the thread to keep it from becoming cluttered.

6. The FWW Staff reserves the right to modify or clarify the rules if needed.

We are also making this thread a sticky to make it easier to find, just look in the top of the Classified Ads forum. Happy Shopping! :santa:
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oh all right...

if someone needs to butch up an post something, may as well be me (i'm silly that way, silly i tell you).... :rolleyes:

cutting boards - $30
cheese boards - $25
wine bottle holders - $15
door stops - $3
plus usps shipping


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We've changed this opportunity, from woodworking only, to be handcrafted by the poster or a member of their family. Any handmade crafts or gifts would be acceptable...Lets see what you've got for sale all! :wave:
BUMP just to keep this front and center. Come on guys i dont have anything to sell but those that do dont miss this opportunity. You never know whos looking or lurking.:D:thumb:
Dragon's Paradox is my shop, as seen in my signature line. I haven't gotten to making pages for our cutting boards, mugs and other assorted wood items yet but there's lots of pretty jewelry! Buy in stock items from now until December 18th for delivery before Christmas. Custom orders are welcome, but if you want it in time for Christmas you need to order ASAP and more complex items may not be completed in time to ship. As a bonus with your purchase, let me know you are an FWW member and I will throw in a free gift!

So just an update.... orders placed by 6am EST December 21 should arrive in time for Christmas (according to the USPS). Orders over $50 ship free and I will be adding new jewelry, cutting boards, pens and a handful of other items tomorrow (would have been today if me and the camera saw eye to eye).
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just to plug for kalea i have seen her shop and her wares and its really nice stuff, and i dont like jewelry kinda things, and chucks handy work is top notch as well.