Hose Reel Re-work

glenn bradley

I don't use much in the way of compressed air. I had plumbed in a system in my previous shop and can count on both hands the number of times I used it. In the new shop I just put a small compressor in the bottom of one of my rolling carts. To make it more useful I added a hose reel that could be connected to the compressor should I need air farther away. I found I never used it since manually winding up the hose was a pain . . . is that a weak statement or what!?!
Hose Rell Re-work (1).jpg
I inherited an auto-return reel from my dad and decided to put it into service. I removed the clunky rubber hose and put my Flexeel hose on.
Hose Rell Re-work (2).jpg
The reel didn't have enough turns in its cycle to load all the hose despite me setting it at the maximum. I had gotten along with just a coil hose for years.
Hose Rell Re-work (3).jpg
This made me confident that I could whack off a bit of hose without suffering too much. I used some of the cut off to connect the reel and the compressor.
Hose Rell Re-work (4).jpg
Now it looks like so and works great.
Hose Rell Re-work (5).jpg
Time will tell if the suto-return function makes me use it more often.