How cool is this?! A cooking forum!

John Pollman

Rochester Hills, MI
Wow, I just noticed this forum. What a great idea! I love to cook and do all of the cooking at home. I've even got a FB cooking group that I started. If any of you here are on FB and want to join that group, shoot me a message and I can add you.

I've got to start watching my cholesterol due to other medical conditions I'm dealing with. So I'll be trying new recipes soon. When I find one that works, I'll share it here with you too. But I always post my recipes and such over on my FB group too.
Well John, it was either this or an RC Sailing forum...we figured not everybody has an RC boat, but everybody eats, so, there ya have it. :D
heres a thought for some of you bbq gurus, hold a tour de wood next year(this year) in 2years, and make it a bbq feast, everyone bring their killer home recipes for sampling.
Me, Im not one of those people, but Id attend to eat. I just put ribs or chicken on the grill and smother it with jack daniels bbq sauce.
I've got the wood (oak, hickory, apple, peach, and more) to get the smoke but no smoker...yet! I'd better get cracking in the shop and post some pics so FWW doesn't turn into FWWBBQ'nSMOKIN!

Although I'm not sure that would be a bad thing! :huh::rofl: