How Do You Store Your Handscrews?

glenn bradley

The overhead method would scare me, either vibration or whatever, they would fall on my head! Or, more than one would come down when I try to take only one down. Now Glenn, that rectangular hanger idea is superb! If I can remember it, I will be copying it in my shop for sure. If you don't mind, are the 90 degree angle brackets hanging to the right, are they for specific sized boxes and keeping corners square?
Those are Rockler's take on clamping squares. Glass fiber reinforced plastic. Very stout. The plywood ones work just fine though.

andy fineran

In junior high shop there was a vertical 2x4 with a baseplate. The clamps laid flat on the baseplate with the stud up through the center of the stack. It was over 3 feet tall and held a lot of clamps of different sizes. There were several of these and may have had small casters. I believe the base was crossed 2x4s or 2x6s.