I am a lucky idiot

Dave Hoskins

Parker County, Texas
Yep. That stop doohickey definitely paid for itself. Luckily I have managed to keep all of my fingers. I have known those who weren't as lucky as me. The only reason, I believe, is that fortunately when I am about to do something that I shouldn't, my inner self whacks me up the side of the head and makes me rethink things. Just glad you are alright.

Jim Niemi

Southwest Michigan
Wow I will send him a few if he doesn't mind but only if I can pay him
Please text me your address
What age are his kids?did I leave them anything this past trip

I'm not sure if blade is badly damaged but I don't take a chance
We are leaving Sunday so if I don't get it out by Friday I'll send it when I get home later next eeek
I really appreciate the offer
Not a problem. Glad you still have your digits. One tooth is pushed back but I am going to straighten it back to normal put a new tooth on it and fix it. I will get these ran for you soon.

allen levine

new york city burbs
Don't mind them toni their minds are in the
Oh well forget it I knew what you meant
I just hate having to roll my 22/44 belt sander in and out of the shed whenever I need it as it's footprint is too large to leave in shop
Beautiful weather like today where I've been using it on and off I can roll it outside of shop and park it there till I use it again
And it seems I never have enough table space another problem with a garage shop