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I do like the new site

Darren Wright

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Kansas City, Missouri
Thanks guys!

I am curious how the site is performing/loading for those with slower internet connections (dsl, or less than 5mbps service).

The site is initially more data to download than the old, but as long as you're using a recent browser version, the files that are common and used most are cached. So after the first page loads the rest of the pages should all load fairly quickly.

Edit: I did some testing emulating it in a browser, all the way down to a dial-up 56kb connection. It took about 1.6 minutes to load the forum home page with my cached cleared initially, but all pages after that were loading in about 20 seconds. For a 3G connection, it was hitting about 30 seconds for the home page, and 2 to 4 seconds to load any after that.

I'd still like to hear from anyone with lower connection speeds though. :wave:
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