I need to change the on/off switch

Chuck Ellis

Tellico Plains, Tennessee
I have a 2007 or 2008 model of a JET 1442 lathe with the Reeves unit.... Last week I broke the belt and had to replace it today... always a chore replacing the belts and pulleys on this unit.... after I got the belt installed and moving I discovered that the on/off switch doesn't turn on the motor... I got it to going one time, then nothing, no hum in the motor so I'm pretty sure the switch is defunk.... it's the original switch on a lathe I've used consistently since 2008.

Question is, how hard is it to change the switch and are there any tricks I should know about before I order a new switch...
I'm pretty sure it a rocker switch....most of the switch wire appears to be inside the head stock, which has little to no access.
Also my head stock seems to be frozen in place on the ways, cannot swing it around for access and currently it sits with the back to a wall...
I can probably swing the headstock end of the ways out so I can get behind it, but I have a cabinet built under the ways that adds a 100 ++ pounds
to the weight....
North West Indiana

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Should be two screws, pull it out (I have blown them off and gotten more use from them). It slips in and is held by the springs. Push the two together on the back of the switch and push it out, unplug and pay attention where each wire goes. I usually have the new switch right there and plug the wire onto the new switch's connectors and put it back together. Not a physically hard job at all.

Frank Fusco

Mountain Home, Arkansas
What Jonathon said is correct. But, you may want to consider a 'slapper' safety switch. I put one on the old table saw I restored and love it. Adds a measure of safety also as it can be slapped, kneed or kicked to shut off quickly if needed. I had that Griz reeves drive lathe at one time. Believe I would install a link belt as replacement. Much more easier to install and runs smoother.