Internet Weirdness

Dave Hoskins

Parker County, Texas
Replaced the router the other day, set it up, got it authorized by the service provider, and everything was just fine and dandy. Went to bed. Woke up Friday morning and it was just sitting there. Nothing. Checked a few things, and decided it definitely was not on my end. Called the tech folks and they ran some tests and said the radio was idling and would not respond. Great. Just great. So, the tech was able to come Saturday. Well, dedicated folks they be. He was able to get to me around 6pm. Ran tests, and said something seems to be wrong with the cable from the dish down. He undid the receptacle plate under the desk, undid the cable and water came out of the cable. Hmmmm. So, even though it was dark, the feller got up there, and ran new cable. Turns out the original installer 11 years ago did not use outdoor cable. This time it is. Got all of that done, and then the radio still would not respond. Bad radio. He got back up there and changed that out, and BINGO!!! All's well. He was finally done around 8:30pm. So, it is all new now except for the dish up there itself. And, working great. Hopefully that will be the last of the downtime for a long time.