It's Warming Up For Xmas!

Vaughn McMillan

Staff member
Wow Bill, I thought it's been getting nippy here, but your high temps are lower than our low temps. :eek:

Also, I think we need to do a clothing drive or something to get a jacket and long pants for Don. :D

Bill Satko

Methow Valley
I am making sure I have enough firewood right near the front door. I have a small rack (normally a week's worth) just around the corner that I feed from the larger racks. I sled it over. That is the nice thing about snow on the ground. It is easy to transport things around.

I see this Wednesday, the low will be -19. Along as the wind stays down it should be bearable. The cold here does not affect me as it tends to be very dry cold (kind of like Don's dry heat). We have had snow on the ground since the first week in Nov. Your body does get us to it. It helps to have a lot more sun on this side of the mountains. If you do anything outside you warm up quickly from exertion. The manta around here is "Be bold, start cold".

Another fun factoid about the weather here. Generally we have some really high winds but for most part during the winter they are very low. I have noticed that they hover near 1 to 3 miles an hour. But on cold days you can really feel it.

Watching the weather news, I see that many of you will be experiencing some real cold. For some of you it might a bit of a shock to your system. Stay warm!