Kudos to Freud CS

glenn bradley

Many of my tablesaw blades are made by Carbide Processors. Years ago I kinda fell in love with the longevity of the cermet II tips and I have them ground to .125" for my own reasons. One exception is a Freud P410 general purpose blade I picked up for general work. I clean my blades regularly and on the first cleaning of this Freud blade I saw this.

Freud p410 glitch.jpg
I cleaned the blade the way I have been cleaning blades for years; nothing special. I was fairly confident the blade was fine. If it was going to toss that tooth it would have done it by now. Still I contacted Freud just to confirm that I could put the blade back into service. After a few photos supplied per their request they deemed the blade good to go. They stated that the flaw was below their expected QA level and so offered me a new blade.
Freud p410 glitch replced.jpg
Beats a poke in the eye with a hot stick.