Limbert Bench - The Build

Rennie Heuer

Staff member
Constantine, MI
While waiting to pick up the walnut for the Greene & Green items I figure I might sneak in another project. I began this weekend to build this bench. It's going to be pretty 'stout' with legs that are 1 3/4" thick and the stretchers are a full 1" thick. A couple of tricky angles as the lower inside portion of the legs are 6.5 degrees off from 90 and the legs also splay in at 1.5 degrees.

The leg blanks are milled and ready for template trimming. Unfortunately I do not have a pattern bit with a cutting height of 2" so I had to order one (Freud) from Amazon, it will be here tomorrow. I already made one error in that I did not cut the mortise for the front and rear stretchers prior to cutting that 6.5 degree taper. So now I need to rig up some form of jig to get the 90 Degree mortise I need. Oh well.

Fireside Bench - Rev Seat - 5-19-21.jpgIMG_1212.JPEG