Little house isn't looking so good.

Darren Wright

Staff member
Kansas City, Missouri
So it looks like the last several months have taken a toll on the little house at the farm. Last year it was just starting to fall in on the right side, but looks like that weight has started pulling the ridge down, it's snapped in half in the middle.
2021-04-10 15.31.41.jpg 2021-04-10 15.32.23.jpg 2021-04-10 15.32.37.jpg 2021-04-10 15.33.12.jpg 2021-04-10 15.32.50.jpg

At this point I may just hook up a good rope to the truck and try pulling down what I can with it. I was originally going to start with the side wall and pick away what I could, hoping to leave the ridge, but looks like the entire roof is coming off.

I was able to get the rest of the lean to on the back of the barn to come down. picked away at it until I found the one nail holding it all up. Next trip will be removing all the tin roofing, then cutting way the structure/nails till the elephant is eaten. ;)

May start tearing down the little house by summer's end.