Little vid show and tell

Chuck Ellis

Tellico Plains, Tennessee
Dave, You didn't show the inside of the call... how do you attach the sound board inside the call, do you use glass? I haven't made a turkey call in several years, but I did make quite a few early on after we moved to TN... I used glass for the sound board and then slate over that. I've sold all but one and it has a problem I haven't figured out how to fix yet... the glass has come loose from the raised pedestal in the bottom of the call, but the slate is still firmly glued in and I really don't want to break the slate.... the body is turned from Lignum Vitae. Not sure now if I used epoxy or CA to attach the slate.... if I used CA I suppose i could use a debonder, but not sure how to release the epoxy.

At any rate I really like the one you show in the video...very pretty. Not a turkey hunter myself, but with a call like that might have to take it up.
Outside the beltway
Chuck for glass you should take 100 grit sand paper to the glue side to give it some bite. The E6000 is a great adhesive for pot calls.
I spent the day going through about 40 calls. Disassembling the bad ones to find out why and tuning a bunch of others that are ready for tops.
One thing, I'm a terrible salesman. I had a guy in the shop who wanted the 2 African Blackwood calls I made and I told him I needed to keep one. Soooooo
I can make more lol