Magnifier Lamp - LED Retrofit

Brent Dowell

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Reno NV
Didn't want to Hijack Glenn's thread for something like this little quick hit project.

As I mentioned, I had an old florescent magnifying lamp that the florescent light part quit working on and that I had bought some led rings with plans to retrofit it. Well, apparently I had decided it was easier to buy a new one, so that's what I had done.

Vaughn talked about how he was thinking about doing the led retrofit, so since I already had the parts, I decided I would go ahead and do it. Took me a total of about 10 minutes to rig this up.

I already had everything on hand, but here's what I used for doing the retrofit.

I reused the wiring and switch that were already installed on the lamp.
Removed the transformer from the base and the power jack adapter just fit quite nice and snugly through the hole.
Cut off and removed the old power cord, Stripped the wire, crimped on some ferrules and closed up the base.
Cut some wires in the lamp side, added some heat shrink tubing then soldered the leds to the existing wiring.
From there it was a simple matter of using some hot glue to hold down the wires and glue the led ring into place.
There was a part of me that wanted to 3d print up a fancy older for the led ring, but sanity got the better part of me and I just went with the glue.

Thats it! a 10 minute job and now I have a second magnifying light that Is useable.



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