Making a Brush, Video

Paul Douglass

S E Washington State
WOW! I'd like to have one of her brushes, just because... I have always had a great respect for paint brushes. I buy good ones a take care of them... Some of mine are 30-40 years old and I still use them. Guess I got it from my Dad.. He liked a good paint brush..

Just looked it up, that 2" one is $64. If I was a pro I would probably have one.

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Mike Stafford

Coastal plain of North Carolina
Many, many moons ago when I was in 8th grade shop class natural bristle brushes were the only brushes available. When we used a brush to apply a finish we, of course, had to clean the brush. My esteemed shop teacher Mr. Leroy Rowley required us to bring the cleaned brush to him before we returned it to the tool room.

We placed it in his hand and he then rubbed it on our nose and face. It didn't take long to learn to properly clean a brush. We not only cleaned the brush in the appropriate cleaner but then we washed it with soap and water. It was clean when it went back into the tool room.

If you take care of your good brushes like Mr. Rowley taught they can last you a lifetime.