Maple slab find

Oliver Springs, TN
Digging through some wood I found this slab of maple I cut three of four years ago and had forgotten I had. It's around 30" long by around 17" at its widest and probably 2" or so thick. I sanded the top some and splashed it with DNA to see the figure a little better. I apparently thought about cutting it in half at one point (the red line) but thankfully I didn't!

maple slab.jpg
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Figured maple is one of my favorites. I can already see some butterflies installed to stabilize the cracks.

Maybe an end table next to the couch for holding brews and snacks at the ready? Maybe some shellac to pop the grain?
I thing of beauty.

I have a similar piece, but with more spalting and smaller.

I think it will be a wall decoration just as it is - but with a clear lacquer finish.

Sometimes Mom Nature just doesn't need any help at all.