Minwax Wood Hardener--question

Mark Pruitt

Leeds, AL
:wave:I've "lurked" here at FW for a long time but not been active at posting as of yet. I've run into a situation that I'd like to hear from someone who has experience working with Minwax Wood Hardener.

I've just started using the product to reinforce punky areas in a couple of pieces that I've turned. Initially, I applied the MWH with the piece still on the lathe (not running, of course), let it set up for a few hours, came back and finished turning/sanding the piece. When I applied the first coat of BLO, the wood completely absorbed some of the BLO notwithstanding the fact that I had saturated it with MWH.

So here is my question. :huh:I am tempted to re-apply MWH to the piece (and allow it to dry overnight) prior to applying another coat of BLO. This seems like it should not be problematic, but if anyone here has had a negative experience doing this (or positive for that matter) I would appreciate hearing about it.

Jim DeLaney

Staff member
Austintown, Ohio
Hey Mark!
Welcome to Family Woodworking! It's good to have you here.

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Oh yeah, sorry, but I don't have an answer to your question. :eek:

Frank Fusco

Mountain Home, Arkansas
Just guessing, but your description of "punky" give a big clue. Methinks the hardener gets into the dead cells and hardens. But, it is not a filler. Your BLO finish simply took occupancy in between the hardened 'punk' spots. Sumptin' like water in a sponge.