Mouldings in Vcarve 9.0

Darren Wright

Staff member
Springfield, Missouri
I was looking at a thread on making wooden spoons earlier, and noticed they were using just some ball end bits for shaping the spoon. I then caught on that they were using the new moulding feature of vcarve 9, which I hadn't seen. Toolpath.html

Just playing around with it, it's a bit like the follow me tool in sketchup. You draw a profile, then a path for it to follow (drive rail). I ended up using a 1/8" ball mill on this preview.
moulding1.PNG moulding2.jpg moulding3.jpg

I've got some oval picture frames in my future. ;)

I also didn't realize they've added 2 sided preview now, so will be playing around with that more too.

Leo Voisine

East Freeetown, Massachusetts
Cool Stuff,

If you do get to cutting something that, consider a 1/8 tapered ball nose cutter. It is by FAR a LOT stronger than a straight sided 1/8 ball mill.

Yes they do cost more money, but after you break a pile of the less expensive cutters the cost is no longer an issue.