Music to Sand By

glenn bradley

Sorry, this is a bit flippant but intended to start some fun conversation. This thread will be semi-meaningless if your musical taste does not include northern European metal bands.

I have just decided that Tarot is one of my favorite bands to sand to . . . specifically the song Wings of Darkness. I can get through a lot of sanding in a short time listening to these guys. 🤪

Others that work for me are Pink Cream 69, King's X . . . oh let's face it; I like almost anything :D
@Ryan Mooney - Thanks for the tip on Sabaton. I was unfamiliar with them. I never cease to be surprised that even with the amount of music I listen to I will run into someone who has been around for years that I have never heard of :). I have a "channel" called Junior High that is loaded with '60s stuff. I find classical is great for detailed joinery tasks. Sometimes I do an '80s flashback day and play all kinds of New Wave (as opposed to '80s Big Hair Band day). Plenty of good stuff out there and plenty of shop work to be done. :)
Thanks for the tip on Sabaton. I was unfamiliar with them.

I have rather weird or at least highly eclectic listening tastes hah... I spend a lot of time randomly trying things from new shows on and have some friends who also have .. odd.. tastes in music so we share stuff back and forth.

Some other bands that are perhaps on the fringes of awareness in certain circles...