My first pedestal

Jeff Bower

I found a small oak burl, made the general form (kinda squatty:huh:), hollowed it out and then while parting it off...I misjudged the depth and put a nice hole in the bottom :doh:...put off to the side and left for about 3 months. A few weeks ago I was goofing around doing some spindle turning and came up with the pedestal. It's vingegar ebonized burr oak.n I

I like the burl hollow form shape (I'm suspect many of you will not) Not sure if I like the pedestal or not....leaning towards not. What say you all? :dunno:


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I think the pedestal is fine, although it looks a bit bottom heavy to me. I think thinned up a bit would look better, particularly the foot and the lower 'bulb'. I also like the vessel, but I think it would look better flipped 180º, with the fatter part toward the top. The lower bulb mimics the form somewhat, but the bulb and vessel are in opposite of them is upside down, and to me, it seems the vessel is the culprit. Also, the upper bulb of the pedestal doesn't quite look like a sphere, although it looks like that's what you were going for. Here's a very rough mockup of what I'm talking about. I think a black collar would help bring the two components together visually, but I'm too lazy to draw one.

Jeff Bower Pedestal Mockup.jpg

Still, it's a good first shot at the pedestal thing. I've still not done one, but I've looked at a lot of very nice ones. (Keith Burns, Robin Costelle, and Neal Addy come to mind. Hunt down some of their work to get some good ideas.)