Natural healing plants

Outside the beltway
My friend and I Phil have embarked on a new pathway for healing. So far the 3 plants we have been working with is the Moline plant for tea. Ghost Pipe for pain and sleeping ' made into a tincture. The Mushroom Turkey Tail as a very strong cancer fighting agent and also made into a tincture.
The Ghost pipe put me right to sleep and removes the arthritis pain from my knees and shoulders. No more sleeping meds.
The muline has gotten ride of my chronic cough and need of acid reflux meds.
Turkey Tail use in preventative.
There are some great videos on YouTube on all 3.
I want to research Lions Mane mushrooms. From what I've read one of the best for the brain.
A lot of my knee pain/soreness went away when I started keto. We've paused on it over the past few weeks with our grandkids visiting, wine festival, and family visiting. The pains have returned, but not as bad. Some may be due to weight loss, but specifically started feeling the pains again after eating breads and pizza, so I may have some gluten allergies. I'll do a bit more experimenting with foods later, but we go back to keto next week to try and reach those weight goals.