New Spoil Board day!

Brent Dowell

Staff member
Reno NV
So, I had been using just a 3/4" slab of MDF with another 1/2" slab of mdf on top for the base and spoil board on the CDB CNC.

Well, I've been having issues with it being flat and have actually seen some flex when probing for the Z value, so I can only assume that there was some z axis flex when machining was going on.

So I made a torsion box out of 2 slabs of 1/2" mdf with some 20mm high strips of mdf in between. Thats going to be the base of the spoil board.

I then added another 1/2" slab of mdf on top, flattened it, drilled and tapped a bunch of holes, and ran some laser lines on it, and for good measure, a nice big CDB CNC logo on top of it, and added a little spit coat of lacquer to kind of seal it.

I know I'll be ruining this spoil board in no time, but just kind of fun to make it look nice for a little while.

I play with this CNC almost every day and am so thankful to Carol and Don. I love this thing, lol.