New (to me) planes

Darren Wright

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Kansas City, Missouri
Found the guys at the local antique store today. One that looks close to a Stanley, the other with a blade marked E.C. Simmons Keen Kutter.

The wood based one has some nice detail, but some chips in the chip breaker.

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Tom Bussey

Nashua Iowa
Actually the Keen Kutter K series planes were made by Stanley. They are actually bedrock round side planes with the casting numbers changed. When the flat sided bedrocks came into being they changed the pattern numbers to K. Great plane, the Bedrock 605 round side and the Keen kutter K5 are the same plane, everything interchanges even frogs.

Now the KK series are a different story. The KK series were made by Ohio Tool. Personally I don't think much of the KK series but to each his own. I do not know much about transitional planes. I never had much success with them either.

From experience, and I have bought reground and sold over 100 of them. I find that the planes, whatever the manufacturer maybe , that have a frog a adjusting screw are good planes. It means that it has machined seats on the body and the frog and everything sets solidly on the body.

The stanley Bailey planes are good planes also byt Stanley also made a lot of cheap one so one really needs to be careful, not all planes were,are, created equal.