Norma's presents for our 29th wedding anniversary!

Alan Bienlein

Well Norma sure is an easy person to buy gifts for!. While out and about celebrating our 29th wedding anniversary strolling thru antique shops we came across this oil can and this plane. She had to have them because the oil can reminded her of her father and she liked the red color of the plane.

These machines I had to put my foot down and tell her NO!! She says she will get them one day though. The band saw was just sitting in the middle of the side walk. No one around. Of course it's not like some one is just gonna carry this beast off. The scroll saw was inside the shop that the band saw was sitting out front of. Every time we have been here this shop has been closed and it never looks like any one is doing any work there.

Paul Douglass

S E Washington State
Ahhh, does Norma have three phase in the house and enough power to run either of those? I wish Norma lived close, I give her four or five of the old cardboard oil cans to go with her oil can.

Happy Anniversary!