OK - I think I will give it a try - KETO

Don Baer

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Any good KETO recipes out there?
I got a ton, I have posted a few. if you want to be serious about Keto put a carb management tool on you phone. I use "Carb Manager" I shoot for 20 "Net carbs" per day and less than 1200 calories. Typically I am around 10 net carbs and less than 900 calories.
Here one I had for lunch today
2 slices bacon
1/4 bell pepper
1/4 head of cabbage.
put a little oil (I use evoo) in the skillet
add bacon and render it down
chop up bell pepper and cabbage add to the pan
cook until cabbage is done to you liking
about 120 calories and less than 8 net carbs
some people will add onion before sauteing

Darren Wright

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Kansas City, Missouri
I'm using Carb manager too, but I go by the macros given to me by putting my stats/goals in. My "macros" come out to 24 grams of carbs, 147g fat, 117 g protein, 1900 calories. I'm not dropping weight off quickly, usually 2 to 5 lbs a week, but the macros will be specific to you. Important thing is to try to meet your macros. It's ok to not meet your carbs for the day, but try not to exceed them. Try to meet the fat and protein, but not exceed them, you'll feel more full.

Also if you're diabetic, you need to be careful on Keto, it can cause ketoacidosis.

We did stop last summer on the diet when my wife had her knee replacements, I had lost 42 lbs up to that point, but then got into our same old habits. I gained about 20 back and have lost 4 lbs since last week. i'd probably lose more if I cut my calories down like Don has. In reality I've been consuming about 1500 a day, so still less than my macros. I've been considering doing some intermittent fasting, may try that some next week.

Don Baer

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INstead of the macros thing I just try to keep the ratio at 75% Fat, 20% Protein and no more than 5% carbs. That the guidelines set up by MAYO clinic. The key is the fat to protein ratio, it real easy to eat too many proteins and not enough Fats. The good news is on Keto, Bacon is a good thing.