Past and current projects

Jim Adams

Central SC
Jim Delaney answered a question I asked about the best finish for a heart pine table and then asked that I show something I made.  Well here goes.  In the mid 1980s I made some sofas (two oak and two cherry - kept the cherry,
 sold the oak.  I made the from a plan that if I remember correctly was in "Fine Woodworking".  The original plan was for a sofa that would make into a bed.  I did not think I had the skills to pull that off so I just made the sofas fixed.  I am retired and should have a lot of time to build but it seems that is a pipe dream, but I do have some time and a friend of mine and I built a 20' kiln.  One thing led to another and when I was waist deep in wood that I could not sell (sold some on the internet but not nearly enough so I decided to try to add value and build something.  I have some spalted oak and pecan that I think is pretty so I decided to give the 1980s idea about furniture that makes into a bed another try,
 but mix in the spalted wood.  [ATTACH=CONFIG]99546[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]99547[/ATTACH]

The first two are a full sized cherry sofa and a 2/3rd size I built 30+ years ago.  The next pictures are of the the spalted wood chair (ottoman to be built next, I already have the cushion made.  I really like the variation in the wood.
  Makes every piece a one of a kind.  I plan to make chairs with ottomans that make into single beds and if that works out make some sofas next (not sure what size bed to make it - suggestions welcome).[ATTACH=CONFIG]99548[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]99549[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]99550[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]99551