Phone hotspot sharing

Darren Wright

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Springfield, Missouri
My mom doesn’t have a home internet service. She does have 40gb per month on her cell phone plan for hotspot use. I’ve been looking for a way for her to share that more easily with her laptop and a few other devices around the house. Devices don’t always reconnect or the hotspot feature turns off, causing frustration for her.

I got this travel router today to test out.
GL.iNet GL-A1300:

I’m pretty impressed with the ease of use. For the iPhone I just plugged in the phone to the USB port, and clicked the trust this device message. I was able to reboot the device, unplug the phone, and tried to get it to fail, but it continued to get service from the phone without interaction upon startup and reconnecting the phone.

I’ll be getting another to use for backup purposes and travel ourselves. Just wanted to mention it for anyone that doesn’t have home service or needs a backup connection.
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