pm 66 problem

randy, it`s very likely the adjustment locking device that`s frozen, try backing out the center thumbwheel untill it can be removed, then jar the adjustment wheel firmly by hand....if no luck you might have to remove the top?...i`ve never heard of the worm gear loosing alignment? but anything is possible....tod

the wheel has always been hard to turn. but last night the wheel started to slip on the shaft. i removed the wheel and could see that it had been partially slipping for a while. i also noticed small burrs on the area of the worm drive that i could see. it appears something has come loose allowing the gears to get out of alignment. it was probably not in good alignment when delivered. i thought the stiffness would work out over time; however it hasn't and now it appears to have come to a head where i can't ignore it.
randy, sorry about not being able to offer sound advice without looking at the machine:eek: .......i`m guessin` only.......tod

i understand. i will have to take the top off. just dread it since i have a excaliber slider attached, which i don't know if i will have to remove.

Randy, do you have the maintenance manual for your 66? Unless your saw is different from mine, there is a procedure in the maint manual for aligning the lifting mechanism, (with drawings), and it does not mention removing the top. It does however mention that if there has to be an adjustment (side to side I think), that the table top may have to be realigned to provide clearance for the blade.

Hope this helps.