Powermatic Shaper

Austin, Texas
I have had a 5 hp Powermatic Shaper for well over 10 years, and love it. My Brother-in-law got one just like mine 10 years ago. The bearing went out. His local Powermatic expert tried to install the new bearing and recommended replacing the spindle holder. That was last fall. The $100 part has been on order since then and was promised in May. It is May and now they are promising it in October, but the dealer doesn't believe them. He suggests buying a replacement Powermatic shaper for $4,600. They are still selling the units, so they must have parts to build them, but having to wait a year for a replacement part is absurd.

Has anyone else had parts problems with Powermatic?
Yes but I've also had issues with Jet, Grizzly, De Walt, etc. The consumer model of our youth is gone. Is this some sort of proprietary bearing? That seems unlikely as it would be costly for PM. Have you looked to VXB or others for a stock replacement? Its not like you're going to void the warranty :)
Jim has the bearing. Apparently it mounts in a "spindle holder." It is the spindle holder that the dealer recommended replacing, which Powermatic is not shipping. I suspect it is a proprietary part, but is not available - it is coming up on a year of being out of service.
Charlie, did the expert say why he wanted the spindle holder along with the bearing replaced? Did he crack or damage the spindle holder by chance? If it did get damaged, since it isn't available, a good machine shop could repair cracks or damage to bearing surface by building it up and refacing the surfaces. Is this an option for your brother in law?
The latest shipment of Powerematic parts did not include what he needed - my Brother in Law has now bought a different (MiniMax) shaper. Neither he nor I are expert in repairing mechanical things like a spindle holder. So he has a $5,000, 5 hp shaper that (in my opinion) is a great machine, but missing a key part, making it useless. If anyone would like to make an offer (to buy it for repair or parts), it is located in Decorah Iowa, and he has a fork lift that could load it into your truck (easily fits in a pick-up). You can negotiate with him directly at jamesottmd@gmail.com or at (563) 419-7803
I need a new flange for my festool orvital
Sander and was told the part is no longer available
I have a dewalt sander that cost me 1/4 of the festool is 7 years older then the festool and never had an issue
Go figure
Jim got an estimate from a machine shop to repair the part for $500 or to make a new one for $1,000 but the machine shop is an hour away. He is so frustrated that the shaper may go to the dump. I hate to have that happen to an otherwise great machine.

If you live near a machine shop or have those skills, You can get a great woodworking machine for almost nothing. I bet Jim would take almost nothing to get rid of it - his replacement shaper is in and working.
The defective part finally arrived after more than a year waiting. My BIL already has a new shaper installed, and has committed to giving the Powermatic shaper to his brother, so the story is over - other than he will never buy another Powermatic machine (nor will I)