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Food for thought. I just bought a jet EV1640 with chucks, knives and other accessories. I would not have considered it if it was not a complete package. On the other hand it was what I was looking for.
You'll get more for parts and will be able to sell off some pieces more quickly but it'll take longer to sell it all. There's also the appeal of the "whole kit" like Steve bought. If I was selling.. idk... hard call. Probably as a kit and take a bit of a hit on the small bits.

As for price, depends. Some lathes and tooling hold value better than others.. can you remind us what you have?
So the current version (JWL-1640EVS) is going for around $2400 new (maybe up to $2600 but $2300 on amazon.

The couple I can find online for sale were in the $1700(sold)-2000(listed) range for the lathe you have. So it held value pretty well (not super surprising, that's a nice mid range lathe).

I think somewhere in the $1700 (60% of comparable new) is pretty fair and would move moderately quickly, $2000 is 80% of new so would probably sale eventually but might take longer - might get takers around there if you detail the condition as very good. I'd probably list it for closer to $2000 obo and take closer to 1700 if someone walked in with cash in hand (or for the lathe if they took the whole bundle with tooling). I'd do a similar break down on the parts and figure 60-80% of new depending on original quality, current condition, and how much the buyer is willing to do at once.
I just looked and new retail that one going for $2,299, I just saw a one used for around $1300 but I didn't take time to see what the sellers were including with the sale of the lathe. The problem is finding the buyers who can appreciate the value in what you are selling.
don, there are 20-30 million people living within 1.5 hours of me. NY tristate area, then cities 2 hours away would add another 5-7 million people.
I believe from past experience its a strong market here in NY metro area for used tools. Ofcourse, I never sold anything in this price range before,
Im going to add up all the piece and equipment I have when I get home after our trip, and test the market. Ill start high I guess, leave some room for people to bargain, Im just not keen on handling dozens of inquiries from people who are just lonely and want to bother me, another one of my experiences selling tools online. the questions are incredible.....will you deliver it, no, how bout meet me half way, no, how much would you take to deliver it, not happenning, well, tell me what it would take to have you deliver it, no, I wont deliver it, not for any amount of money. back and forth, wasting time.....what color is it, white, is it all white? yes, is it heavy. yes, how heavy? will it fit in my honda accord? not sure, I dont know the measurements of a honda accord, do you think my grandmother would be able to hellp me lift it into my truck? would you watch my 5 y/o while I bring it home because I have to take his car seat out of the back seat to fit it in.
and the questions continue, it drives me up a wall,
but the time has come, my severe arthriits, lack of interest, bad knees, bad back, myasthenia, its not going to get used much anymore, might as well clear out the little space and spend the money on something useful.
IM having trouble holding the tools steady and thats dangerous, alot of catches , sure, I can make pens, but Ive lost interest in that, and the pen kits are off the wall insane for a decent kit.
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The lathe I just bought was about 6 years old in very good condition. It is the variable speed with a fixed headstock not the newer rotating head stock. It came with the safety cage, 2 One Way chucks, 2 One Way plates for mounting bowls, 25 turning tool (majority of them Sorbey') a pair of cones (I'm not sure what they are for), 2 live centers, a Jacobs chuck, an attachment with rollers to steady larger bowl rim, and some other miscellaneous stuff. I gave $2300 for everything. Hope this helps. I felt like it was at the top end price wise for used equipment but it was a complete set up and I wouldn't need to purchase anything else in the foreseeable future. Started with an old craftsman that vibrated like crazy last winter and really enjoyed it so I took the plunge.
thanx steve, thats encouraging, I was going to include most of what you said(not 25 turning tools, 3 easy wood turning carbide tools, one other high end turning bowl gauge, (thompson?) and whole bunch of cheapo tools from harbor frieght, mostly new unused...nova chuck, plate, some other piece and attachments for lathe, (adaptors) all my pen making supplies, any kits I have, new kits, some bottle stopper kits, some other kits, any parts left over, and lots of turning supplies, from finishes thru sanding goods,
I have an old (circa 1940?) Craftsman lathe with 30" bed. It has an aftermarket motor and a few parts here and there are missing, but it does work just fine. It has an old style chuck, screw in plate and the star doohicky.
To my knowledge it's all original other than the motor and belts. I'm considering selling simply because I don't use it often enough and would seriously consider a newer model in better shape. I have a bunch of dull chisels to go with it. In its current configuration the motor is mounted on the same bench (level) as rest of the lathe. I would have no idea what to ask for this beast, but I could certainly use the bench space it's taking up. (Actually considering removing the entire bench as it's too wide and too long 3x12'x41" tall..a total waste of good shop space )
Any ideas what such a lathe might be worth on the open market ?