Quilted/Figured mahogany supply - "The Tree"

Peter Lay

I have some (limited private collection) quilted mahogany which was written about by Mark Berry, guitar maker, in Fine Woodworking 1985. "The Tree" has possibly become the most famous individual tree in the world.

First Pic: Raw stock with sample finish to show figuring.
Second Pic: Shows close up of figuring.
Raw board: 41 7/8” x 24” Thickness top of board 1 1/8” Thickness bottom 7/8”
Price: $5000.00 Shipping & handling extra.

Third Pic: Another magnificently figured board. Planed and sanded from 2” stock to 1 1/2” thick. 15” wide x 38” high. Perfection—Flawless. The best quitar configuration of this release.
Price: $5,500.00 Shipping and handling extra.

Forth Pic: Finished panel 19" x 15" x 7/8". Previously lacquered 25 years ago but flawless. Milled as a raised panel 1 3/8” width on perimeter,
maximum depth of milling 7/16”
19” x 15 1/2” x 25/32”
Price: $1500.00.00 Shipping & handling extra.

Fifth Pic: Poor picture, sorry. Fabulous figuring.
43” x 19 3/4” x 25/32” Milled as a raised panel
1 3/8” on perimeter, maximum depth of milling 7/16” A thin crack at bottom extending 5” - can be filled.
Price: $2900.00.00 Shipping & handling extra.

Sixth Pic: Library panel - not for sale.

Seventh Pic: A bar of quilted mahagony featured in Architectural Digest. Made by Wallace and Hinds 1985. Price - you don't want to know!

Peter Lay, CA


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Outside the beltway
WOW nice stuff. I remembered I have 1 or 2 pieces of quilted Mahogany so I took a look for something I had not seen in 4-5 years and found them. One is 19"x6"x7/8s the other is 21"x8.5"x7/8s Maybe from the same tree. Thanks for showing this.
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Victoria BC
I remember when that article came out and thinking how cool it would be to get some of that stuff. Buying a few pieces now would break the pension bank these days. I did manage to pick up 7 pieces of 1 x 6 x 10' quilted maple last week for $325, which I thought was a good deal

Thanks for posting those pictures. It's nice to see mother nature showing off.

Peter Lay

Quilted,figured mahogany/the Tree

I posted under classifieds quilted figured mahogany, the world famous tree. Several people contacted me directly asking if this was the 1965 Honduras tree and did I have proof that it was. I do. I have provenance by way of an invoice from Earl Drigg's, my builder, and Max of New Dimensions Walnut Creek who kindly stored 1000 SF of this extraordinary tree for me. Most is on paneling in my house.
Take a look and see if you have a project which could benefit from this very special wood. A previous poster and sefl confessed exotic wood hoarder Edward Alexander introduced two of the most magnificent figured boards I have ever seen on the site in 2008.
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