Rail Coping Jig - In progress

Sean Wright

WNY, Buffalo Area
My on going project is to make cabinets for our family room. I will be making 3 raised panel doors for it. In doing some test runs with the rail and stile bit set in the router table, I found that there was alot of tear out in doing the ends of the rails.

So begins the start of the search for a solution to this....
I found a rail coping jig at Rockler..... in looking at it, I said those famous words...."I can make one of those!"

The whole idea behind this jig, is to put a piece of sacrifical wood after the rail, being routed, to prevent tear out on the work piece. the jig will also keep the work piece squared up along the fence on the router table as it is being fed in to the bit.

I have all the pieces, I just need to swap out some of the material used and it should be ready to go. I need to swap out some 3/4in MDF with some 3/4in ply for durability. The handle is made from a leftover scrap of Fiberon synthetic decking that I used in building my deck. (this stuff is so expensive, I kept every scrap... cause hey you never know when you might need it for something like a jig handle :D )

I did a mock up of the pieces together.


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