Repairing sanding belts

Robert Rose

Florida Keys
I've read a lot about repairing belts and how it is near impossible without the magic adhesives use by belt manufactures. I thought I would throw my two cents in.
I used 3m 5200 and tyvek (or any similar material i.e. house wrap) First remove the old splice material or it will fail again. Tyvek can be found at your local post office in the form of mailing envelops. you will only need one for many splices. Cut a piece of tyvek the width of your belt and about one inch or less to either side of the joint where the belt ends will meet. I built a jig to hold down the ends of the belt and then apply some 5200 to the belt ends then apply the tyvek patch over the 5200. Use a piece of wax paper over the repair and under the belt at the patch and then a small piece of wood to apply some pressure. Clamp this all together and walk away. It will take a few days to harden completely. As I see it the 5200 will be squeezed into the tyvek (tyvek has hundreds of very small hole that are hard to see without a magnifying glass) and will create a bond between the belt and tyvek. So far after many belt repairs I have never had a belt repair fail again. They worn out but never failed again.