Restoring a 1978 DP-14-12 Continental Machinery Drill Press

Cullen Wilcox

New member

Not sure if the Manufacturer really means much, looks like it was a Taiwan product, doesn't seem to have much company history. I've taken most of it apart and cleaned it and it's looking really great! (nice to have access to an industrial sandblaster!) I'll post some more pics once its a bit more put back together.

Unfortunately, as you can kind of see, it was dropped at one point. Luckily the only damage was to the pulley enclosure and the center pulley itself. I tried to buy a replacement pulley but that doesn't seem to fit quite right. Is there any place you might recommend looking for replacement parts for this? I can't seem to find a parts catalog for this so I am kind of stuck at what to do exactly. Any advice would be amazing! My first ever restoration project!

Cullen, welcome to the site! Drill presses are top heavy and many have sustained the same damage as yours. Is the front pulley missing? Cracked in half? Chunk missing?
The reason for the questions, can you get a picture of it? Measurements of it? That would help a lot. ID of the shaft hole, OD of each step on the pulley itself. That will give us a starting point on if it is somewhat normal or an odd ball pulley.
Looks a lot like some of the Grizzly offerings from the late 70s/early 80s. You might check the Grizzly website, and see if parts for their older machines are still available.

Otherwise, Jonathan's advice is solid.

What's the problem with the replacement pulley you have? Shaft size? Bearing size? Or the pulley itself?
Gotcha! I'll get those later today. The one I got seems too short. The arm/pin it uses to seat itself seems like it would press-fit ok though, may need some encouragement.

The other 2 pulleys are both there and intact and unbent as far as I can tell. The front pulley has a small crack/bent part on the top of it but doesn't seem to affect the belt seating.
This is the one i got, its the exact same style just this one seems too short. I am also not sure if the belt would seat inside properly.