Router Bits for Sale

Mike Stafford

Coastal plain of North Carolina
I have a very large accumulation of 1/2" router bits that I no longer use. Most of these bits are very lightly used and they all are premium carbide brands. They are all in their original rigid plastic display boxes.

I don't begin to have any idea what they are worth as a group but I would entertain offers for any or all of them. I really want to move them out. Shipping will be negotiable.

Here is the list....

Freud ¾” round over
Freud 3/8” round over
Craftsman Industrial ½” round over
Freud 45º chamfer
Freud ½” radius bullnose
Freud ¾” straight
CMT 1” straight
CMT ¾” dado planer
CMT ¼” straight
Woodtek ¾” straight
Woodtek ¼” straight
CMT 1” dado planer (2)
CMT ¾” bullnose
CMT ¾” radiused top bearing bowl and tray bit
CMT 1/8” corner beading bit
CMT ½” dovetail
CMT 30º chamfer
CMT 1 ½” dado planer
Freud ½” dovetail
Carbtech ¾” dovetail
Freud 3/8” cove, 3/8” round over rule joint set
Freud 3/8” straight
Freud 5/16” straight
Woodtek ¼” rabbet
Carbtech ¼” straight (2)
Freud ½” pattern bit (2)
Makita vertical coved raised panel bit
Carbtech ½” straight
Freud ½” straight 2” cutting length
Onsrud 23/32” straight
Jesada ½” radius grooving bit
CMT ½”x2” long pattern cutting bit
Jesada ¼” round over bit
Jesada 5/16” straight
Jesada ¾” dado planer
Jesada ¼” tongue and groove 2 bit matched set w/ one spare cutter
Jesada 1” Queen Anne
CMT 1/8” slotting cutter
CMT ½” lock joint bit
CMT Rabbet Master 1/8”-1/2” rabbets with all bearings
CMT Limited Edition 3 piece set ½” straight, ½” pattern, ¼” round over
Jesada 7/8” round over

Mike Stafford

Coastal plain of North Carolina
Jon, I used a number of them, not all of them when I was building boxes. But I also built small furniture, tables, picture frames, cabinets and many other things. I used a lot of the straight bits, round over and rabbet bits for boxes.

I accumulated these bits near the end of woodworking career before I started turning. Most are virtually unused. I hate to see them go to waste.