Router table height gauge question.

John Pollman

Rochester Hills, MI
Hi folks,
My stuff will be here soon for the router table I'm putting together. It's gonna be nice. The one thing I didn't consider is the height gauge. I found what looks like a nice digital height gauge I was gonna order but then thought that maybe just a good set of setup blocks would work too. What do you use?


glenn bradley

As my eyes get older I find using a rule to be more awkward. Whiteside 4" setup blocks and a 1-2-3 block meet most of my needs around the shop. There are fancier ones but they don't seem to add any real value in use. I have some of the shorter setup blocks (2-1/2" I think) but find I rarely use them. Watch the quality on the 1-2-3 blocks; the cheap ones can have the edges overly softened (knocked off) so that they are only really good for rougher work. For splitting hairs I made a version of this one from one of the woodworking mags.
big depth gauge 001.jpg . big depth gauge (9).jpg
Works well for depth and fence offset on the router table and the tablesaw.

I did go through thte trouble of putting a digital height gauge on the router table at one point. Found I never really used it as it was more trouble than benefit on that particular tool. I do use DRO's on a lot of other things in the shop so I am a fan. It just didn't translate well to the router table for me. YMMV.