Saw blade storage flat vs upright?

This isn't very close to what you want to do, and I actually considered not posting it.

Really I'm open to reading about most ideas. I'm not super happy with my current setup but the actual outcome is pretty open still.

This could definitely be an option, I didn't even know the plastic carriers existed so that's possibly useful.. Your point about moving the CMS and circular saw blades (no RAS but same idea) to the same location is also very worthy of thought.

I'm even re-considering the "wall" theory.. I don't have a wall nearby but there is an overhead "loft" that I could easily put a drop down hanger from so that could be a possibility.. I'll have to check clearances and see how the cabinetry winds up looking. Most of the parts landed a couple days ago so I've been staring at it briefly in-between fall yard chores which are kind of taking precedence at the moment heh.
Here's how my cabinet is set up, the miter gauge hangs on the side (not in this photo) and the dado set sits on top of the saw blade case. The drawer holds the wrenches and gizmos needed. You can see a tenon jig sitting next to the blade case. It has to be able to roll out so I can open the cabinet door to retrieve the occasional dropped arbor nut. Some f the plastic keepers came with some saw blades I bought long ago, and those blades got tossed. Some of them are recent purchase from Rockler.
Not to take away from the topic but Fred how is your dust collection pipe held up over the table saw? Can't really see any suspension. by the way my blades hang on peg board at side of ts. Handy and held flat to wall.
The Excalibur (at least the original ones like mine) had a couple of struts and a leg that extends to the floor. The struts ran from roughly the center of the leg to the center of the extension table, what I found was that put a pretty good bow in the table, pulling down the center of it. The struts were also in the way if you tried to have a cabinet like this one. When I mounted the arm to this saw I actually bolted the foot of the leg to the floor, and left the struts off. I'll try to get a pic later and post back. BTW, my change was only partially successful. It still bowed the extension table, but not nearly as much. But it did elimate the struts as an obstacle for putting a cabinet there.
David, this isn't such a good photo, but it should give you an idea of how that gaurd is supported. As I said above, there are struts that made it sturdy but put a strain on the extension, mine aren't used and are zip tied to the legs (that's the bolts you see at the top of the leg) so I don't loose them. Anyway, I put the perfed angle iron on the floor and used it to keep the leg secure. Moving the saw when needed is still fairly easy, the arm assembly comes off the leg right there even with the table, then I simply loosen the angle iron clamp and jack the saw up on it's mobile base. ex leg.jpgRyan, sorry we got a little sidetracked here.
Thanks Fred. It was clear after careful review. Have the hose to pickup saw dust but the guard itself is always in the way, so it really is'nt used. (my bad). But it should be and I know it.