Senior 20 organ parts for sale

Paul Gallian

In Memoriam
Ed Gaida <edgaida -AT-> has the following available for purchase.

John Smits - senior 20

For sale:

Action Test Roll $15.00
Spool ends for any roll 6.00
Tracker bar complete 30.00

Complete spool boxes (without tracker bars) $175.00
Includes crankshaft and all drive pulleys, lid...all
veneered in either cherry or walnut Includes plastic
window which will have to be installed once the wood
surfaces have had finish applied.

Complete set of 20 pipes WITHOUT stoppers,
which are not difficult to make. Pipes will need to
be mitered to fit the organ $225.00

Bellows unit (unassembled) consisting of
two feeder bellows, reservoir and spill valve.
the bellows and reservoir are covered with
air tight cloth with cardboard stiffners. The spill
valve (without hold down spring) will have to be
affixed to the assembly. $160.00

The cost of postage is NOT included in any of the
above prices.

-- hope this helps some organ builders.
Thanks Paul Gallian