Sheet pan Carrying Handle

Brent Dowell

Staff member
Reno NV
When I BBQ or now, use my outdoor griddle, I usually use a sheet pan to carry the food items out/in to the grill/griddle.

Sharon suggested I make some kind of handle for carrying the sheet pan so I don't have to use two hands and shout 'SHARON, CAN YOU OPEN THE DOOR'

So I made this up with some 3d printed brackets for the sheet pan and used the cnc to cut out a little handle out of 1/2" ply. The handle is suprisingly sturdy for as small as it looks and the 3d printed brackets feel super sturdy.

I might redo things a bit to make the handle fold down, but I really didn't want it to be 'tippy' and have it tip over while carrying.

Painted it red to match the grill caddy.

Eat outdoors next to the grill/smoker
No need to carry into house
My grandfather when he was alive always had words of wisdom to pass along.... he was visiting my uncle in California and Uncle Eddy did a cook out on the patio where everyone ate... Granddaddy in his wisdom said, only in California do they cook and eat outdoors, then S**t indoors..... In Texas we cook and eat in the house, the S**t outdoors. (His house only had an outhouse).. he died in 1970.
i used an outhouse, a real outhouse, around 10 years when visiting someone from this site....over in rural PA. not a portapotty, a real outhouse, never even saw on in use until then.

That's all we had when I was a kid. Cold in the winter, hot in the summer, and smelled worse in the heat as well.

I can actually remember the first time I ever really used an indoor toilet. We were over at the ferry house across the river and I dunno.. I was probably 4? maybe 5? Plenty old enough to have ridden over on my own horse anyway. And I had to go potty so I asked "where's the outhouse" not having remembered seeing one (but our was over the hill a bit past the big elm so out of sight out of smell) so not surprising I wouldn't have. They pointed me at the bathroom, and well I was familiar with chamber pots and was like "no #2" cause you don't do that in a chamber pot! It took a bit of explaining and I was pretty dubious that people would do THAT in the house?!!?! but needs must.

I will say that if you're going to build one make sure the outside latch can be undone from the inside...
Taught swimming and canoeing at a fairly primitive scout camp in the fifties. When the camp closed for the summer the staff stayed behind to spruce the place up. We slathered Creosote (now a recognized carcinogen) on all the exterior wood work, including ourselves, and everyone took a turn at honey dipping…cleaning out the outhouse pits. That job was really the pits.
Some remote public parks still use outhouses, although they can be very nice.
I remember hauling the missus on a snowmobile to a forest service cabin in Alaska, on upper Russian lake IIRC, in hopes of doing some ice fishing. Well below zero and the ice was thicker than my 3’ auger would go, so we prepared to head home. She went to use the outhouse, found a 6” layer of frost stalagmites on the seat, and elected to attempt writing her name in the snow:rofl::rofl: