She's not a Harley or Jimmy

Vaughn McMillan

Staff member
By means of USPS yes. George the male man got a call from the office she was in and made a special trip back to the PO and brought her right to me. He was excited as I was to see her.
USPS...United States Pigeon Service? Nice! :D

It's great having a mailman who knows you and goes the extra mile when needed. Ours is the same way. He even sends us postcards when he's on vacation. Took a CCW class from me, too.
Outside the beltway
Why it seems so ingrained in our DNA to make a connection with an animal I don't know. But when that connection is there, you know it, the animal knows it and it is a great satisfaction/feeling to me at least. I can feel my blood pressure lowering when I am with an animal I connect with.
Think we all feel that Jon. That why it so hard to lose a great pet.
After this video this morning she got into her cup of food which I hold while she sits on me to eat and she finialy figured out how to gobble down seeds. She started Squeaking like crazy as if to say ; man that's good !
She is a lot like Jimmy, starting to pester me while I work. Very interested in my hand movements.