Signs with Thin Letters

Brent Dowell

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Reno NV
My Neighbor has asked if I could cut out some signs with letters for their upcoming wedding.

They would be signs using script type fonts, which typically have pretty thin parts connected.

One option would be to not cut them out, but just paint the background black, but I was wondering about other ideas for displaying the letters.

I could see maybe attaching them directly to some plexiglass or something transparent, but wondered if there were any other methods or ideas I might be missing here?

What kind of scale are you looking at? Are they wanting them on a back ground or free hanging?

If on a background, you could do a lighter veneer wood over a darker one or visa versa just cutting through the top layer
Dan has a good suggestion on the MDF.

Those kinds of text cutouts look awesome, but are super fragile. I would typically laser cut them in 3mm baltic birch. Trying to cut them out of thin solid wood will be difficult, and likely break. I have done them out of Corian, Acrylic,

Either way they need some support. I have made a recess like an inlay in a substrate and epoxy the text into.

Another way is a solid material with raised text. I will paint the entire panel with primer then paint the background then just the tops of the text.

You could do an inlay pocket in clear acrylic.

You could draw a boundry around the text and offset outward by some distance like 1/2 inch or something appropriate as a backing plate. I would still pocket and inlay the text for alignment and also so expoy doesn't squeeze out. This background could be clear, or colored acrylic. I have some colored Acrylic mirror material that would look nice as well.

I can do a sample crv for you if you like.
My suggestion:



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